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Rockwood Strategies is a Pennsylvania-based political campaign and communications firm working with clients around the United States. We are devoted to helping elect liberty minded candidates with good intentions and work with organizations that seek to preserve the free enterprise system. Rockwood Strategies doesn't allow the political establishment to dictate which clients they can accept or decline. We value principles over the wishes of the party elite. 

We don’t use “one size fits all” approaches with our clients therefore we like to sit down and design a specific plan that is suited to the needs of each individual client; be it a candidate for office, non-profit organization or political entity. Whether we are communicating by mail, television, radio or through social media, Rockwood Strategies designs and executes a media plan crafted to each client’s need. Rockwood Strategies and its team of vendors and service providers have over 50 years of combined campaign experience that includes working on Presidential, U.S. Senate, Congressional, and state level campaigns.
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Ryan Shafik, Principal 

Ryan Shafik is the founder and principal of Rockwood Strategies. Ryan has over 20 years of campaign experience working in all aspects of a campaign from staffer to manager to chief strategist and lead consultant. He has worked on campaigns from races for Judge, County  Commissioner, State House, State Senate,US Congress, US Senate and Governor. He also knows what it like is to have his name on the ballot and all the pressures and anxiety that comes with it. Ryan also has experience in issue advocacy and non-profit work having served in various capacities for non-profit organizations in the past.

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