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Political Campaigns

Rockwood Strategies is a full-service national political firm that works with Republican candidates at a local, state and federal level for both their primary and general elections needs. Realizing that you must win a competitive primary in most states before you reach the general, Rockwood Strategies places a special emphasis on competitive open Republican primaries and Republican primary challengers. From designing the initial campaign plan to paid media production and placement, Rockwood Strategies assists candidates every step of the way during the electoral process.

General Consulting- Issue Advocacy - Initiative/Referendum Media Campaigns

Rockwood Strategies works with political action committees (PACs), businesses, trade associations, 501 (C3 &4), and other organizations who seek to influence the public policy debate. Whether it’s targeting a group of legislators to vote in favor or against a bill or seeking to persuade voters in a state referendum fight, Rockwood Strategies will put together a complete media campaign crafted to the unique needs of each client to ensure successful execution.


Rockwood Strategies offers CONFIDENTIAL and effective polling for groups and candidates alike. Unlike the big DC or other swamp firms that are beyond expensive because they have to support the massive overhead of their office rent and staff, Rockwood is able to offer effective polling at fair prices. In addition, Rockwood is NOT tied to the political establishment and WILL NEVER share your confidential polling information with anybody - especially not with some random hack at the local bar in a state or nation's capital - which can't be said for all the other polling companies. 

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