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Client Testimonials


   Representative John McGinnis 



“Succeeding in a primary challenge to a 17-term incumbent fully backed by party establishment and then winning a tough general election could not and would not have happened without Rockwood Strategies.” Representative John McGinnis who defeated 34-year incumbent Representative Rick Geist in the 2012 Primary Election.


Representative Cris Dush

"I had initially underestimated the political machine's willingness to pour vast amounts of money at keeping me out. Though we were hugely out-spent, Ryan knew exactly where we needed to focus our efforts and the limited assets we had available. The results speak for themselves." State Representative Cris Dush who defeated the retiring Speaker of the House’s hand-picked candidate in the 2014 Republican primary.


            District Judge Anthony Bompiani 


"I am very thankful that I had Ryan and Rockwood Strategies on my side. Their campaign plan and expertise helped us secure victory on both the Republican and Democratic ballots in the May primary election. Ryan was on top of my race from the very beginning and knew what needed to be done to win." 2015 Magisterial District Judge Candidate Anthony Bompiani.

        Amber Anstine Kraft for Judge

"Ryan made sure that I ignored all of the outside distractions that came with running for office and stayed concentrated on our goals.  Otherwise, the campaign could have strayed in different directions and lost focus.  His dedication and strategy were pivotal."   Amber Anstine Kraft on her successful 2017 campaign for the Court of Common Pleas in York County.

   Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania 

“Rockwood Strategies has been an indispensable part of CAP’s successful legislative and electoral victories. Whether it was in a Republican primary or the general election, or seeking to defeat bad pieces of legislation, their strategic planning and execution of paid media campaigns were right on target.” Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Chairman, John Kennedy.


Tom Smith for United States Senate

 “Ryan was there from the beginning of my 15-month Senate race and was a tremendous help throughout the campaign.” 2012 Republican US Senate Candidate Tom Smith.


         Representative Steve Bloom

“Rockwood’s strategic plan, messaging advice and creative mail campaign helped us connect with the voters and prevail."  Pennsylvania State Representative Stephen Bloom on his legislative races from 2010 - 2016.

    County Commissioner Christian Leinbach


“In the end, it was Ryan’s terrific messaging and well crafted media plan that was the deciding factor that led us to victory and allowed us to reclaim the courthouse.” Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach who defeated an incumbent Democrat commissioner in a Democrat majority County in 2007. 

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